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Water-soluble Lanolin PEG-75


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Water-soluble Lanolin PEG-75

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PEG-75 Lanolin is an ethoxylated derivative of lanolin, the attached number of which indicates the mean moles of ethylene oxide condensed. It is a yellow to amber waxy solid in flakes with a faint characteristic odor.


PEG-75 Lanolin is soluble in water and is a typical non ionic surfactant which has emulsifying, solubilizing, wetting and cleansing properties and is an ideal product for soaps and detergents such as shampoos, foam baths, shaving foams. PEG-75 Lanolin is a very mild non ionic surfactant which can be used with amphoterics and other mild tensides in the manufacturing of baby shampoos.

Specification Item Standard
Appearance Flaky Solid
Acid Value, % ≤2.0
Loss on Drying, % ≤2.0
Ash Content, % ≤0.15
PH Value 6.5-7.5

20kg paper-plastic laminated bag or 50kg metal pail


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